Jean Arno

Philosophy. Poetry. Art
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About Jean Arno

Jean Arno is an influential artist from the artistic group, Astrée, who is located between London and  San Francisco. He is known for his poetry and philosophical aphorisms, he defends the idea that man is a creator.

Shaping ‘the excessive/inordinate/immeasurable fire of life’ thus makes up the sacred mission of the man, as a poet.

Born in Paris, raised in Bordeaux and South of France, Jean Arno's poetry is influenced by French classicism and existentialist philosophy. Growing up in the house of renowned professors, since young age Jean was surrounded by pieces the greatest figures in the world's literature. Jean has studied philosophy and literature which allowed him to develop his own style over a decade. 

After travelling the world, Jean finished his first poetry book, Trophies.

He is bringing back a sophisticated style and depth of the thoughts in form of short citations. Jean is also producing digital art and philosophical pieces which complement his portfolio.

''The powerful poet,
Changes through alchemy,
The perfumes of life
Into red symphonies.''



Poetic Aphorisms

A selection of poetic aphorisms with philosophical wisdom and Orphic mysteries about life, love, existence and beyond. The book represents a true intellectual experience which will transport you to a symbolic and mystical world where you will discover that the highest truths are not given; they conquer each other, their gleams dazzle those they do not illuminate.

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