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Philosophy. Poetry. Art
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About Jean Arno

Jean Arno is an influential artist from the artistic group, Astrée. Primarily known for his poetry and philosophical aphorisms, he defends the idea that man is, in essence, a creator. Shaping ‘the inextinguishable fire of life’ thus makes up the sacred mission of man, as a poet. He stands alongside those who continually battle against the invasive and deadly forces of contempt for the world and for life, and alongside those who put their creative forces to the service of the highest affirmation of life, those who believe that ‘the impossible can only ever occur by attempting it’. 

Born in Paris, raised in Bordeaux and Nice, South of France, Jean Arno's poetry is influenced by French classicism and ancient Greek philosophy. Growing up in the house of renowned professors, since young age Jean was surrounded by the greatest figures in the world's literature. Jean has studied philosophy and literature in Stanford University, which allowed him to develop his own style over a decade. 

With this new poetry book, Trophies, he is bringing back a sophisticated style and depth of the thought in form of short aphorisms. Jean is also producing digital art and philosophical pieces which complements his portfolio. 

Jean Arno is also a digital artist whose NFTs digital paintings and 3D sculptures are exhibited in the metaversal gallery "Art & Above" and the leader of the crypto art and the artistic movement "Chaosism" which he theorized in "The art of totality". 

''The powerful poet,
Changes through alchemy,
The perfumes of life
Into red symphonies".

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Poetic Aphorisms

A selection of poetic aphorisms with philosophical wisdom and Orphic mysteries about life, love, existence and beyond. The book represents a true intellectual experience which will transport you to a symbolic and mystical world where you will discover that "the highest truths are not given; they are conquered. The light they beam blinds those it does not guide".  

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Maxims & reflexions*

Soliloquies are philosophical and poetic maxims and reflexions* that can be related to the tradition of the great Latin and French moralists. "It is always the reader’s intelligence which is addressed by the author, especially when their ideas are embodied in the concise form of a maxim. Indeed, for those who strive to understand them, such aphorisms call for a sort of reconstructed reasoning - a reasoning which always remains obscured".


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